Is tempurpedic mattress a couple choices?

Buying a mattress has a lot of conflict potential for a relationship. Your partner may have other ideas about what the shared mattress should have. You have to agree on many different things like material, strength, sleeping comfort and price. The biggest problem with a mattress is often the different physique of the couple. Often the man is heavier and taller and the woman rather small and light. Here one is faced with a great challenge to find a mattress that is good for both and on which both persons find a pleasant and restful sleep.

Movement Transfer with tempurpedic

The first important item on the list is movement transfer. For a mattress for couples it is extremely important that they have a very good movement transfer. But what is movement transfer? When your partner moves while sleeping, the mattress must adapt to the new sleeping position and movement. If you have a bad mattress, you will feel it too, even though you are lying quite still. The pressure also shifts to the other side, where you sleep. Just when you and your partner have a light sleep, you can wake up very quickly from such movements.

To prevent this, you should pay attention to the material of the mattress. A pronounced movement transfer is mainly due to tempurpedic memory foam, which is installed among other things in the eve mattress prevented. These adapt optimally to your body and absorb the movements. A small disadvantage of memory foams, however, is that generally changing to a different sleeping position is quite difficult. Therefore, it would be best if the memory foam is not the top layer, but in the second layer. At the best thebest-mattressyou will be having the best options now.


Decisive for a good mattress for couples is the stability. Here it is especially on the sinking depth, the stabilization of the spine and on the weight distribution. A good mattress should support your body in a variety of sleeping positions and provide optimal alignment of the spine. But this support, which should be present on all good mattresses so far, must go one step further for a mattress for couples.

If you have different body sizes and a different body weight, you probably prefer different feelings of lying and needs a different degree of hardness. Then you should choose a mattress that you can customize to your needs.